Financial Planning College provides Advanced Educational Courses and Training for Experienced Financial Planners


The Courses cover main stream concerns of professional advisers in providing assistance to your clients – financial planning, Economics – Micro & Macro, Retirement planning,

Remuneration planning, Tax management, asset protection, investimg,

business management, acquisitions, cash flow management, marketing and finance.

financialplanningcollegeThe Financial Planning College Courses help you develop substantial skills in the areas of: Tax Management, Business Investment and Financial Planning for Business Owners.=

FPC make up for a lot of the deficiencies in Basic Training of Financial Planners – which often omits vital areas of Business Management, Acquisitions and Business Investing.

Do not expect average or traditional approaches to Financial Planning or Analysis

FPC are aligned with Investmen Banks and Financial Researchers

It is taken for granted that experienced Financial Planners have a firm grasp of the basic elements in each of the subject areas, want to develop complementary skills and improve competence in alternative approaches to analysis and decision making. You should become able to synthesize and integrate a diverse array of disciplines and present better more efficient client plans with enhanced investment returns.

Recognize that a Partnership exists between Employers and Employees.

Planners should assist both by developing all encompassing integrated financial management planning strategies for Business Owners, Workers and Contractors.

On the face of it some of the teachings might appear to be radical and revolutionary – much of what you learn will not have been covered in the formal courses taken to obtain your Financial Planning qualifications.

You will be exposed to many concepts and ideas for the first time. And explore new and different perspectives, dive deeper in to the rationales and mechanics of decision making processes – significant in finding out of the box solutions and answers to vital questions for investment selection, financial plans, wealth creation, tax and cash flow management.

FPC provides proprietary programs for Remuneration Planning & Retirement Plans with benefits for both workers & employers jointly through unique collaborative approaches to resource allocation, cash flow management efficiency, innovations in design of Retirement Plans, and taking full advantage of provisions in the relevant legislation.

Much of what is taught is predicated on students improving your understanding of concepts from Economics, the appropriate applications, evaluation techniques and creative problem solving method.

For example; a common approach prevalent in retirement plan construction is based on a false premise which condemns workers to an impoverished homeward journey.

An expectation that workers will contribute to their 401k Retirement Plan with savings from wages inhibits clear thinking and conditions Retirement Planners to recommend only meagre contributions 0f 4-8% 0f wages towards building Retirement Nest Eggs.

Professional Advisers should do better for clients. FPC students can devel0p greater rationality s0 you learn h0w!

College Educators & Trainers come from an Elite group of Industry Professionals at the top of their field.