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From the by: Nassim Zaidi,

Entrepreneur and founder of the Online Business Academy

Location: Toronto, Canada

Dear friend,

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that sales are the lifeblood of your business.

Today more than ever.

For simplicity :

No sale = No business 

However, most entrepreneurs do not have the real tools that allow them to make regular and consistent sales.

We often hear it said that having a great product / service is all it takes to attract customers.

But, we all know that reality is different …

Having a great product / service is not enough to make sales

I don’t know about you, but when I started my first business I was very excited.

More excited than anything else in life.

My goal was to impact thousands (if not millions) of people with my products without having to sacrifice my freedom.

At that time, I thought it was enough to build a website and publish content to have an avalanche of visitors and customers.

So, I wrote articles …

I was present every day on social networks …

I brought value for free …

But I was quickly confronted with the harsh reality …

Bringing a lot of value is no use 

nothing if you don’t know how to sell

It was after my first launch that I clicked.

After several months of providing value and sharing free content, I decided to launch my first offer to my audience.

This was my first book.

And the results were very frustrating …

0 Sales!

It was then that I understood a fundamental thing:

If I wanted to be successful in entrepreneurship, I had to learn to sell and especially to make sure that these sales were regular and consistent.


The problem is that I was not 

a seller by nature …

So, 2 choices were available to me:

Choice # 1: Give up my entrepreneurial project and settle for salaried employment.

Choice # 2: learn to sell.

If you are an entrepreneur at heart like me, you know that the first choice was not an option.

So I decided to train and learn from the best.

During the years that followed, I invested tens of thousands of euros in training, books, seminars to learn how to sell online …

And I worked with the best entrepreneurs …

The more I learned to sell, 

The more my income increased …

This experience allowed me to understand that the secret to success in business is selling.

Of course, you have to have a good product, but you have to learn how to sell it.

So, since then, I have not stopped learning to sell and especially to experiment with everything.

By applying the sales strategies I learned, my business today generates a 6-figure annual income.

And we are on track to reach 7 figures next year.

Beyond the financial aspect, which is great when you have mastered the sale,

It is because you will finally be able to regain control of your business and you will be able to project yourself into the future with serenity.

Just imagine for a moment … 

  • Have a successful business that changes the lives of your customers without you having to sacrifice your freedom or your personal life.
  • Have new sales every day falling into your bank account without you having to run behind customers
  • Positively impact thousands of lives each year through your products and services.
  • Be recognized as the benchmark in your market

The good news is, you can do it too

Over the past few years, I have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them develop their businesses and generate more sales.

And above all, I had the opportunity to work in dozens of different markets.

The people I have supported are not sales pros, on the contrary.

They are entrepreneurs like you and me, passionate about their jobs and eager to impact the lives of their clients.

And it is precisely this passion associated with the right tools that allowed them to have exceptional results.

Now I have a question for you …

How would your business and your life be if you managed to sell more?

During the past few years, I have mainly supported my clients in private consulting.

In order to be able to help more people, I decided to put together in one book the 21 most effective secrets to sell more.

I am happy to present my new book to you:

21 Secrets To Selling More

The secrets you are about to discover have generated millions of euros in sales for our customers in just 3 years …

This book is drastically different from anything you have read before.

Because it is more of an action-oriented guide, rather than a traditional (and theoretical) book

It Contains 21 Proven Secrets That Will Help You Make More Sales Even If You Are Not A Selling Pro (If You Even Hate Selling)

These strategies are the result of years of research and testing …

In addition, it is easy to read.

Here is a fraction of what you will learn in this book

This book consists of 3 main sections:

Section # 1: Define A Successful Selling Strategy

  • Secret # 1: How to find a unique positioning that will allow you to become the benchmark in your market.


The Fatal Mistakes Most of Your Competitors Make and How to Use Them to Make More Sales.

  • Secret # 2: The Exact Strategy For Identifying Your Ideal Customers And Gaining Their Trust (Even If You Are A Complete Stranger To Them).
  • Secret # 3: How To Identify Market Opportunities And Exploit Them To Explode Your Sales.
  • Secret # 4: The Easiest Way To Generate Leads On Demand. This method is unlike anything you have seen before.

Section # 2: Attract More Qualified Prospects

  • Secret # 5: How to get your ideal clients to find out about you even if you are a complete stranger right now.
  • Secret # 6: How to use Storytelling to create content that captivates your audience and generates regular sales for you.
  • Secret # 7: The New Way To Get Customers Through Social Media
  • Secret # 8: The Secret To Becoming Magnetic To Your Ideal Customers
  • Secret # 9: The 8 Most Effective Strategies To Build An Email List Fast.
  • Secret # 10: The Secret Weapon That Allows Us To Generate On-Demand Sales. This strategy has generated hundreds of thousands of euros for our customers.
  • Secret # 11: The Secrets of Advertising Campaigns That Hindered Floods of Sales.
  • Secret # 12: The 5 key principles for successful branding. Follow these principles and you will become the benchmark in your market.

Section # 3: Turning Prospects Into Customers

  • Secret # 13: 6 Powerful Levers of Influence that will make it easier than ever to boost your sales.
  • Secret # 14: The fundamental thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from others (and no, it’s not marketing or sales skills)
  • Secret # 15: Discover the unique marketing strategy that will allow you to turn a complete stranger into a loyal customer from the first contact. This strategy is the secret behind the most dazzling successes of my clients.
  • Secret # 16: The secrets of funnel sales that generate on-demand sales (and how to use them in your business.
  • Secret # 17: The 12 ingredients you absolutely must include in your sales pages to convert your prospects into customers.
  • Secret # 18: The method that allows us to sell premium offers (€ 9,000 and more) and how to use it to boost your sales
  • Secret # 19: How to deal with objections that prevent your customers from saying “YES” to your offer (once you master these techniques, your business will never be the same)
  • Secret # 20: How to Close Sales for High-End Deals Using 9 Powerful Techniques
  • Secret # 21: The method to follow to retain your customers to buy your products again and again

Here are some examples of the results our clients are getting

As you can see…

These secrets have already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs sell more

The question is…

Would you be next?

Here’s how to get your hands on this book

The information contained in this book is the result of several years of research , and several tens of thousands of euros invested in books, training and seminars.

The normal price for this book is € 27.

For a limited time, you can receive the book 

for only :

€ 7

(You save 

74% of the normal rate)


Wait!  That’s not all…

You will also receive the following bonuses: 

BONUS # 1 

2 turnkey sales tunnels

Value € 297

So that you can put into practice the strategies that I will share with you in the book quickly, I have decided to offer you our 2 most successful sales funnels to copy.

You can receive them with one click and adapt them to the product or service you are going to sell.

BONUS # 2 

Checklist for creating a sales page that SELLS

(Value € 47)

Over the past few years, we’ve tested dozens of sales pages and identified what works and what doesn’t.

I have gathered all these elements in a checklist that I will offer you as a bonus.

Thanks to this checklist, you will be able to save time and above all ensure that your sales page converts.

BONUS # 3 

The script of a webinar that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in value

Value € 97

Webinars are a powerful tool for selling products or services online.

Moreover, it is the tool that brought us the best results.

In order to help my clients create impactful and sales-generating webinars, I created this script that I will share with you.

This script is powerful and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in internet sales.

BONUS # 4 

Invitation to a LIVE workshop: 

“7 Keys to Double Your Sales”

Value € 97

In order to help you accelerate your results, you will receive an invitation for a private workshop that will take place live or I will share with you 7 keys so that you can DOUBLE your sales.

If you apply these keys, you will see tremendous results in your business. I guarantee it.

I would also answer all your questions live.

So, for you today:

  • The book 21 Secrets to Selling More 

Value € 27

  • Bonus # 1: 2 turnkey sales funnels

Value € 297

  • Bonus # 2: Checklist for creating a sales page that SELLS

Value € 47

  • Bonus # 3: The script of a webinar that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars

Value € 97

  • Bonus # 4: Invitation to a LIVE workshop: “7 Keys to Double Your Sales”

Value € 97

Total value : € 565

Today only:

€ 7


Hurry up…

I am losing money by offering this book at this price.

The cost to promote this book is 3 times more expensive than its selling price.

So why am I doing it?

The reason is simple: to bring you maximum value so that you will consider working with me in the future and joining one of my advanced programs.

My goal is to build a long-term relationship that benefits both of you, as I have done with the hundreds of clients I have supported.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I strongly believe that this book will revolutionize your business, it is for this reason that I have decided to eliminate all the risk on your part and take the risks by giving you 30 full days to see how well this book will go. positively impact your business.

I guarantee that this book will save you thousands of dollars and years of research and if after those 30 days you are not absolutely satisfied with the progress you have made then you can request a full refund. by sending a simple email to contact@academiebusinessenligne.comYES ! SEND ME THE BOOK

This is really a limited offer, 

so get your copy of the book while it’s still possible …

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you will be able to boost your sales with the strategies you will discover in the book.

To your success,

Nassim Zaidi

PS If you are one of those people who (like me) quickly scan a cover page, here is a recap:

By ordering the book today you will enjoy over 74% off , you can have a copy for just € 7 instead of the normal price of€ 27and you have access to all the advanced strategies to sell more and be able to double or even triple your turnover in the months to come.

These are all just the strategies you absolutely must have to be successful in your business.

In addition, if you don’t like the book I will refund your € 7 and you can still keep the book.

Here’s everything you’ll receive by ordering your copy today

  • The book 21 Secrets to Selling More 

Value € 27

  • 2 turnkey sales tunnels

Value € 297

  • Checklist for creating a sales page that SELLS

Value € 47

  • The script of a webinar that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars

Value € 97

  • Invitation to a LIVE workshop: “7 Keys to Double Your Sales”

Value € 97

Total value : € 565

Today only:

€ 7

(you instantly save 

74% of the normal rate)


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