Would you be interested in learning how to invest without risk, make a Guaranteed Minimum Return of 33%? or …


How would you feel if the Guaranteed Return were 330% or More?

Instead of having clients speculate or gamble on Markets would you recommend that they accept at zero risk, an after tax Guaranted profit of 330%?

The result is hard to beat – are you producing that for your clients at present?

NOTE: It does not take a year of watching markets gyrate – it is an immediate return day one!

By finding Investment Arbitrage Opportunities you are able to invest Risk Free

Make exceptional Returns with results known in advance.

And increase your Capital using Leverage, as the returns are Government Guaranteed – and so make even bigger profits, to build invested capital fast.

Why subject your clients to Market Risk when returns which beat all markets are right in front of you with Guaranteed positive returns of such magnitude.

The best investments by far are those high yield opportunities Guaranteed by Government – as are the various Goverment promoted Retirement Schemes.

Financial Planners and Investment Advisers should not be lazy – there is work to be done, a lot – thinking, basic maths (rocket science is not required), identifying arbitage opportunities, comparing returns (immediate, short, medium term & long range) examining the tax benefits and how each type of investment may be leveraged for enhanced results)

Where most investors & financial planners get it wrong is how they use Cash Flow. Most, with Accounting precepts only look at Free Cash Flow – money available for deployment after the music stops (that is after tax).

More Cash Flow is available when invested before tax, which might also be recyclable. Clearly much larger returns are easily able to be generated by such a strategy.

When arbitraged investments are tax deductible and risk free investment returns are enhanced.

It is advantageous to utilize leverage under those circumstances to increase the capital put in to play. Magnifying initial returns using tax advantages and leverage builds compounding capital fast – and produces exponential growth.

401KClever Plans have big yields the day investments are made owing to tax savings.

Here is a Simple Math example: Say $20,000 is a 50 year old Employee’s annual plan contribution – assuming a marginal tax rate of 25% the investment produces a tax rebate of $5,000. The average person who sees that as a 25% ROI misses the appreciation that the after tax cost is $15,000 on which the $5,000 should be percentaged in calculating ROI – which gives an immediate investment return of 33% (much higher).

Few Planners are up to speed with using Leverage for the contrution. Say you borrow at an annual rate of 10% (ignore any deductibilty of interest as the debt can be paid down quickly in a 401KLever Plan – swapping the 10% rate for a 5% rate.

An astute planner would be able to calculate the ROI produced from an interest expense of $500, or ask an accountant, who would book that in as an immediate return of 330% – However that is a wrong calculation on two counts:

  • 1 If there is a cost of $500 the dollar return is $4,500

  • 2. (Ignore the cost – which can be zeroed by earnings of 5% matched against the interest expense)

  • the correct calculation of the ROI is INFINITE

  • The $5,000 rebate is cost-less, as the Employee does not need to put their hand in to their pocket at all.

  • most earnings are sheltered from tax while invested;

  • Some have exit tax, such as 401k Plans

  • Astute Financial Planners should be able to eliminate most or all tax on withdrawals by following the simple concession rules of IRS.

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